Finally, an affordable signal generator for everyone!

ERASynth is a high quality portable signal generator at a price point affordable by everyone including makers, students, universities, research labs, and start-ups.



RF signal generators are expensive pieces of test equipment typically only accessible by pro engineers. ERASynth removes the cost barriers and makes quality RF signal synthesis accessible to everyone, especially budget-conscious makers.


ERASynth is for everyone who wants to learn how signal generators work. Since it is open source with open schematics, students or anyone who is curious about the inner details of signal synthesis can learn from ERASynth. You can learn a lot by reverse engineering and hacking, without having to pay $50k in tuition in engineering program. After all, learning the design of test equipment turned Jim Williams into one of the best analog engineers in the world. ERASynth’s advanced design will certainly teach you several RF tricks.


Professional engineers will find ERASynth is a very good alternative to many of their existing signal generators. If you are professional engineer, you can compare it yourself: find the lowest cost equipment on your bench that can give you a 1 GHz signal with -120 dBc/Hz or better phase noise at 10 kHz offset. Its price tag will be several times more than ERASynth’s. See the comparison charts below to learn more about how ERASynth compares to common signal generators.


With all the cuts in research funds, who can afford to spend tens of thousands on signal generators? Whether you are a college professor studying Gigasample converters or a start-up developing state-of-the-art converter technology, you need to clock ADC/DAC somehow. Check out the specs, you will find ERASynth may very well be your next clock source. Besides the price, ERASynth’s portability will definitely help when you are out in the field.

Anyone else

ERASynth is for anyone interested in RF testing. Below is a short list of application areas where users can take advantage of ERASynth:

  • General purpose RF testing. For example, to measure the gain of an amplifier, ERASynth can be used as the source.
  • Test signal source for SDR. People who are using any of the many SDR platforms can use ERASynth as the test signal source for testing and calibration of their SDR devices.
  • An agile LO source for up and down-converters.
  • Clock source for ADCs and DACs. When equipped with an optional OCXO, ERASynth’s jitter performance exceeds the requirements of state-of-the-art giga-sample data-converters.


Datasheet, user guide and command list can be found on GitHub.

ERASynth is platfrom independent

You can access ERASynth control panel with any modern web browser.

ERASynth Micro

The Best Open Source RF Signal Generator

ERASynth Micro is an open source signal generator with impressive features. Everyone can afford it, including makers, hackers, students, ham radio and SDR users. ERASynth Micro can be powered from a USB port and features an LCD interface for standalone use without a computer or phone. It can generate low phase noise RF signals from 12.5 MHz to 6.4 GHz with a dual PLL architecture.


Datasheet, Schematic and Firmware can be found on GitHub.

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ERA team has a wide range of skills in all kinds of PCB design and layout. Our capabilities include RF and microwave, high speed digital, high power RF PCB designs.

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ERA has expertise in the design and development of RF systems such as receivers, transmitters, synthesizers, digitizers, EW and telemetry systems. Our experienced engineering staff has the expertise and capabilities to design, develop, prototype, manufacture, and test fully-integrated RF and microwave systems. With over 30 years of cumulative design experience, the company’s existing core designs help accelerate the development process for its clients.

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ERA has extensive experience and know-how in the specification and design of dedicated RF systems meeting specific requirements. Our small and efficient team is very well suited to participate as a subcontractor partner in large projects with highly customized solutions. We can provide specific research, development, technology and solutions according to agreement.


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